Short Biography of Shahu Mahraj

 Shahu Mahraj(1682-1749) was the Maratha ruler of the state of Kolhapur in western India. He was the grandson of the great Maratha warrior and ruler Shivaji. He was crowned as the king of Kolhapur in 1708, after defeating his aunt Tarabai in a war of succession. However, he was not able to rule the kingdom effectively until 1714, when the Mughal emperor Farrukhsiyar granted him the right to rule in return for his support in a war against the rival Maratha leader, the Peshwa. Shahu was a skilled military leader and was able to expand the Maratha Empire by conquering several neighboring kingdoms. 

He also strengthened the administration of the empire by creating a central government and appointing ministers to handle various responsibilities. He was also a patron of the arts and literature and was known for his progressive policies toward the lower castes. He died in 1749.